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Get on New to The Street on Newsmax TV


Back in October, we brought you “Out with the Old, In with New to The Street” which discussed how the investor road show in a Covid-19 era maintained current, and established new relationships with investors for respective public companies.  

Out with the Old – The old is out. 

Prior to Covid-19, both deal and non-deal roadshows were the chosen method of Wall Street to attract, solicit, and keep new investors to a particular security.  

In the old days, management, with their PR (public relations) firm will travel to and from brokerage firms and / or high net worth investors, multiple times per day, over a few days period trying to solicit the investment in a particular security to their clients.  

Earlier this year, social distancing, and scattered corporate forces as a result of Covid-19 rendered the roadshow extinct. 

In with the New… to the Street 

Saturday September 26, 2020 marked the 10th anniversary and 139th show for a now more than ever, ever-growing in popularity, small cap media portal called (NTTS).  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 marked its syndication deal with NESMAX TV, bringing its SmallCap and Blockchain Company Guests to Sunday’s 9:30 AM EST Timeslot. 

Historically filmed in New York City at the NASADQ MarketSite in person with anchor Jane King, continues to bring the roadshows for public company’s and cryptocurrencies into your living room, but now even more so with its new syndication deal with Newsmax TV. 

The New to the Street show with Jane King will debut this Sunday December 27th at 9:30 AM.  The show will feature: 

            Carrie Health (OTC Pink: EMOR) CEO Ian Parker

            Winston Gold Corp.’s (OTCQB: WGMCF) CEO Murray Nye

            GreenBox POS’s (OTCQB: GRBX) Executive Chairman Joseph Carrabba and Co-Founder & CEO Ben Errez

Closing out the show is:

NATIVECOIN (N8V) with newly appointed CEO Jeff Johnson, COO Michael Gehrke and John “Jay” Simmons, director of Tribal Gaming

The show is Nielsen rated and will broadcast to approximately 50 million homes and be seen by anywhere between 220, and 310,000 viewers.  “Newsmax ratings are way up – as everyone knows – and are here to stay. The Sunday time slot is a huge addition for the New to the Street show and its innovative companies’ featured content,” states Vince Caruso, CEO & Co-Founder of FMW Media, the parent company of the “New to the Street” brand.

The weekly show will give the public the opportunity to closely follow new and innovative companies and learn about real world case studies utilizing blockchain to better people’s lives, further stated Caruso.

The show will combine content from sister company FMW Media, programming clients featured on Bloomberg and Fox Business sponsored broadcasting with the addition of new panel guests, experts, and companies making headlines in their specific sectors.

Founded in 2009 in FMW Media Works Corporation created (NTTS) which is the brainchild of co-founders Vincent Caruso and Stephen Simon. 

NTTS bridges the gap between traditional road shows and modern-day stock promotion, creating a medium that has been proven to increase market cap, and generate corporate growth to the tune of over $1 billion dollars since its launch.   

In Conclusion, in this covid-19 era, public companies and new issues like cryptocurrencies, now more than ever need investor support.  And to take it a step further, they need new investor support on a constant basis.  The novel coronavirus has led to the death of the traditional roadshow and birth of digital introductions and support.  FMW Media with both NewToTheStreet and ExploringTheBlock seem to be ahead of the game. 

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