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CableClix (USA), Inc. (OTCPK:CCLX) (the “Company”) announced today that it has begun the buildout of a multi-station headend at its headquarters in Winchester, VA.  The headend will serve the Washington, DC metropolitan broadcast area comprised of approximately 2,443,640 TV homes.  This headend will be the start of the CableClix long term station lineup in the Washington, DC market and will eventually be deployed nationally.  The initial lineup will provide up to 30 local, national, and international channels serving a wide array of news, sports, movies, weather, and popular series programming.  The lineup will eventually provide more than 60 channels and will include premium streaming content from major providers.  CableClix will utilize its combination of bandwidth-optimized video delivery and customized set top boxes to deliver live streaming television and video-on-demand services over existing broadband networks.

As an additional benefit, the Washington, DC headend is extending its bandwidth-optimized video delivery to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are seeking a live streaming television product to add to existing portfolios.  CableClix transcoding and video delivery technology will also be available to local broadcast affiliates to ensure maximum propagation of over-the-air broadcast signals within the Washington, DC television market.

“Over the past three quarters, we have tested numerous combinations of transcoders and network transport technologies.  The CableClix solution for live streaming television will deliver a much desired product to anyone with a broadband connection in the most efficient way possible”, says Mark Bayliss, Founder and CTO of CableClix.  Kris Domich, CEO adds, “Customers will be able to cut the cord with confidence knowing that they can enjoy their favorite local and national shows and still utilize all of the popular video-on-demand (VOD) services, through a single interface.  All of this for a fraction of the cost of traditional cable or satellite service.”


CableClix, Inc. was formed in 2013 to be a leading provider of high definition streaming television over broadband connections.  Our goals remain as they were at our inception; deliver quality television programming in high and ultrahigh definition, including local network content, directly to the local consumer, on nearly any device, at any time.  CableClix is different from others that have attempted to deliver similar services in the past – because we create partnerships with the national networks, local affiliates, and local ISP’s.  Commonly referred to as television rebroadcasting, the concept is often one-sided in nature and ultimately the end consumer is left to pay significant monthly subscription fees for a plethora of channels that go mostly unwatched.  Concurrently, local broadcast affiliates feel the ever increasing pressure of internet-based streaming services often broadcasting the same content and diminishing the relevance of traditional TV viewing.  CableClix founders believed there was an opportunity to bridge the gap between the network and affiliate interests, and at the same time, give the consumers what they are clearly asking for: the convenience of watching their favorite shows any time, unaltered, and without a barrage of irrelevant marketing and advertisement.

Another important aspect of CableClix approach to streaming television is our appreciation for the local ISP’s, especially the Wireless ISP’s (WISPs).  All ISP’s have experienced the pressure of needing to increase upstream bandwidth to support the growing popularity of streaming video.  The cost of these increases in bandwidth are either passed on to the end customer, or in competitive markets, taken directly from the bottom line.  WISPs in particular tend to serve customers in rural areas, and while are still part of a given metropolitan broad cast area, are unable to receive local broadcasts without a satellite connection due to line of sight or distance from transmitters.  In nearly all of those cases, cable is not an option for those customers due to the unavailability of the required infrastructure.  CableClix founder and owner/operator of a WISP understood this problem firsthand, which triggered the desire to solve this growing TV viewing conundrum:

“How can we deliver high definition, local and premium television to the public, especially rural customers while simultaneously relieving bandwidth strain on ISPs, in a manner that protects and enforces the local broadcast area boundaries and respects the intellectual property of the networks and production houses?”

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CableClix is committed to the development and continual enhancement of products and services that deliver the programming that consumers want affordably and reliably.  We achieve this using best-of-breed technologies, innovative people, and a customer-centric underpinning woven into everything we do.  We respect the ownership, talent, and effort that goes into developing the news, entertainment, and other intellectual property that we stream, and always respect and enforce the boundaries of metropolitan broadcast areas.  We value our partnerships with ISP’s and constantly seek out new ways to optimize their network resources to ensure the best customer experience.  We are excited to be a part of the transformation of traditional viewing to the next generation of customized streaming TV.

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