Bridgegate Pictures Corp. (OTC Pink: BBGP) is engaged in the development, financing, and production of media, films, broadcast, and other digital markets. Shares of Bridgegate Pictures Corp. are diving 19%, through afternoon trading on Monday, October 17, 2016. Over the past three months, the film and digital media company has seen average daily volume of 31,570 shares. However, over 103,001 shares or dollar volume of $133,901, has already exchanged hands through afternoon trading on Monday.

Shares of Bridgegate Pictures Corp. are sinking Monday, after the company announced they were expanding marketing solutions through a new joint venture. Bridgegate Pictures Corp. has formed a joint venture with PreFilms, which is a “new age film marketing agency.” Management is excited about the joint venture with PreFilms, as the partnership will allow for greater film marketing and promotion for Bridgegate Pictures Corp. Here is the complete press release detailing of the new joint venture:

Bridgegate Pictures Corp. Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 14, 2016) –  Bridgegate Pictures Corp. ( OTC PINK : BBGP ), a California film company with multiple verticals, announced the launch of a new digital media joint venture with PreFilms: A new age film marketing agency with focus on social advertising and strategic media placement for content creators looking for exposure in advance of their distribution strategy.

Bridgegate entered into an agreement with PreFilms to serve as their advertising sales representative and will assist PreFilms in the procurement of new film and marketing campaigns. With access to these new and unique marketing strategies, Bridgegate will significantly expand its embedded marketing capabilities for in house content, offering its films unique opportunities and chances to maximize their exposure throughout all stages of production.

Filmmakers make the mistake of marketing their film only when it’s about to come out, not providing much time to generate the maximum exposure possible. Our content deserves the best film marketing strategies and the team at PreFilms knows how to generate attention throughout mobile, social and grassroots. They possess extensive knowledge of the film marketing process and the ability to tell a film’s story throughout multiple platforms, contests and methods that are not only cost-effective, but innovative and fun. The joint venture expands our 360 degree services and allows us to increase our following. In addition, it provides a way for us to think about all other post theatrical revenue streams, such as VOD & DVD.

About Bridgegate Pictures Corp.

Bridgegate Pictures Corp. operates as an integrated film company out of Corona, California. The company engages in the development, financing and production of media products including feature films for worldwide distribution in the theatrical, broadcast and digital markets. Bridgegate specializes in commercial driven independent films that are star driven and have worldwide appeal.

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