Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Trading and Investing

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming more accessible for many Americans with increased popularity over the years. The Bitcoin history that dates back to 2008 and how Bitcoin has emerged to be a global digital currency has caused many investors to think of how to combine cryptocurrencies with other investments 

Whereas cryptocurrency investment is not for everyone, it is a good idea to hold the currency as a long-term investment. To do this successfully, you need to be aware of the best cryptocurrency apps for trading and investing.

As per a finance and trading best essay writing service, is an excellent option for beginners and can allow you to buy, sell and store altcoins and Bitcoin easily. It is available for Android and iOS. This app serves users not exceeding 62 million and since it was launched, it has supported over $620 billion worth of transactions, serving users from different countries.

Economics and finance dissertation writing services mention that blockchain supports different cryptocurrencies and therefore, it can be helpful if you want to trade exotic altcoins. You can use the app to convert cryptos and exchange coins instantly using a debit card.

Blockchain uses PIN protection, TOR blocking and 2FA t protect the user data. In addition to blockchain being a wallet app, it also has a built-in savings account facility that can let you earn some interest on savings, with Bitcoin acting as collateral. 


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Coinbase creates a sense of excellence for users and is regarded as the best overall crypto app. In addition to it being the best, Coinbase offers a combination of highly-rated products such as e-commerce payment capabilities, custodian services, and interest-bearing accounts. It also comes with institutional crypto solutions and professional traders’ platforms.

Coinbase has created intuitive and functional apps that enable millions of users across different countries to store, buy and sell digital currency. It allows for the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum classic, Ethereum, BAT, ZRX, USDT, Litecoin, and so on. 

Coinbase apps are intuitive and user-friendly and, therefore, suitable for crypto newcomers. Through their simplified dashboard, you can access your portfolio of investments quickly and easily track its growth. You can use the app to earn returns and rewards for your coins. Coinbase offers real-time price alerts to allow you to track current trends in the world of cryptocurrency on the go. The app is highly rated on the App Store, Google Play Store, and numerous downloads. 


Brave is a tool of web browser and is the best solution for mobile users who prefer untraceable and private functionalities. It is available for Ios, Android, and desktop. Brave is a built-in VPN solution that is enjoyed by users in the community of blockchain and those who don’t like tracking and ads.

Brave stands out due to its in-built platform that is designed around data protection and anonymity idea. It is faster, safer, and has a reward option if you use it with the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). It allows for an exchange of tokens for premium content and gift cards or awarding of advertisers and publishers that matter to you most. As such, you will be in total control of the accessible content.

Brave has malware protection capabilities and an integrated Tor searching engine. Using Brave does not require you to do away with the Google Chrome experiences because access to such extensions is inevitable. 


If you are looking for a cryptocurrency interest account, BlockFi is the right choice. 

The app’s compounding interest ranges between 3% and 8.6% of your crypto holdings. The BlockFi interest account (BIA) allows you to use your current crypto portfolio to gain interest in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The dedicated cryptocurrency holdings can earn you an annual yield of up to 5.5%. Holding solid coins such as GUSD, PAX and USDC earn an annual interest of 8.6%. Stable coins are beneficial because they are less volatile and correlate with strong currencies such as the USD. 

The interest generated is paid to investors every start of the month and the effect of compounding increases the yield for the BlockFi users. You can also take advantage of the app’s trading account that allows for crypto trading with an APR of 4.5%. 

Cash App

According to business finance UK essay writing services, Cash app attracts transactional fees based on price volatility and market activity. Cash App is a money transfer system that is peer-to-peer based like Zelle or Venmo. The peer-to-peer transfer services enable users to pay rent, shop online, and so on, thereby operating as a bank account.

Cash App has a user-friendly interface and can allow you to carry out peer-to-peer money transfers or withdraw Bitcoin. It can also allow you to invest in ETFs, Bitcoin, and stocks the way Robinhood does. As a new investor in need of buying Bitcoin, you may consider using the Cash app over Robinhood because you can withdraw crypto investments to your wallet. 


If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency for speculative reasons and don’t like holding the investments in your wallet, the eToro app will be an ideal option. eToro app can enable you to trade 90 trading pairs and above faster and conveniently. It is also easier to copy pro traders and take advantage of their strategies.

Cryptocurrency trading and exchanges via the eToro app do not attract any fee, are convenient and easy with competitive spreads. You can begin by buying the coins with a credit or debit card and use the fiat currency to top up through the bank. 

eToro is considered an excellent cryptocurrency broker and an alternative to Bitcoin storage. However, buying crypto through a trading platform like eToro translates to access to the cash balance. As such, you will only retain the ownership of the asset after cashing it out. eToro app is a web app available for Android and Ios devices. 


Over the last few years, many cryptocurrency projects have been initiated and this has led to the invention of useful apps. Whether you are using desktop, Ios, or Android as a long-term investor or trader, there are many solutions available. A great way to succeed in cryptocurrency trading and investing is by combining the best crypto exchange with the best crypto apps. 

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