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Bactech Environmental Corp. (OTC Pink: BCCEF)

Bioleaching, or bacterial oxidation as it is also referred, is a technology that is used globally but very little is known about. Its’ main attribute is that it doesn’t produce offensive gases through the process as all the processing takes place in an aqueous solution in stainless tanks. This type of process is called hydrometallurgy. Historically, mineral process was conducted through pyrometallurgy which as the name infers is carried out with intense heat. Smelting and roasting are two well-known pyrometallurgy approaches.

The first thing to know is there are 2 types of rock that contain metal such as gold and silver. One form are oxides; they are simple and gold recovery can be done through heap leaching or simple cyanide extraction. The deeper one explores in the ground in search of orebodies, it is more likely you will find metal associated with sulphide mineralization. Also, there is also a good chance that you will find arsenic associated with the sulphide mineralization. Processing sulphides normally involves the use of technology to separate the gold away from the sulphides. Smelting and roasting literally vaporizes the sulphur using high temperatures allowing for the recovery of the gold. But what happens to the material that is burned off? Most likely it dissipates in the air after exiting the exhaust stack. To be fair, many roasters have installed scrubbers to capture the gases but even that is not 100% effective. These technologies also produce a very toxic arsenic trioxide, a deadly form of arsenic (Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Canada)

There are bacteria in nature that spend their lifespan chewing at sulphide minerals either at surface or underground. They generate their energy through this process. This process, which breaks down the sulphides and turns it into oxides is actually carried out by the bacteria.

What we do is provide the bacteria with a “Garden of Eden” environment so they accomplish in 6 days what would normally take 20 years in their normal habitat. An analogy would be a brick wall that slowly has the mortar chipped away until the wall collapses. In bioleaching the sulphides are what hold the gold, iron and arsenic together. If we remove the mortar (sulphides) the other elements are freed and can be dealt with one at a time. In this case, the iron and the arsenic, which are now in solution, band together when we raise the Ph from acidic to basic (by adding limestone). A ferric arsenate precipitates out and we have solved the arsenic issue as its deemed to be stable by the EPA. The gold remains a solid as the acidic environment has no effect on the metal and it is recovered using conventional recovery methods.

Thus, the term “OUR BUGS EAT ROCK.”

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About BacTech

BacTech is promoting the use of its proprietary bioleach processing technology to treat historic arsenopyrite concentrates and tailings produced in the Ponce Enriquez area of Southern Ecuador.

BacTech has agreed to participate with a group looking to reprocess the Arsenic Stockpile in Snow Lake, Manitoba as a technology partner.

For further information contact: Ross Orr, President & CEO, BacTech Environmental Corporation/ 416-813-0303 ext. 222, Cell 416-346-5529 and

Robin Cook, Investor Relations: 416-809-1738,

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