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AVEW Holdings Inc. (OTC Pink: AVEW) is a holding company that has a collection of companies that fit across a wide array of industries and specialties. The company diversifies its businesses in order to withstand downturns in the economy and periods of uncertainty. Shares of AVEW Holdings Inc. are rallying 24% on heavy volume, during early trading on Monday, August 22, 2016. Over the past three months, the holding company has seen average daily volume of around 632,685 shares. However, nearly 36.23 million shares or dollar volume of around $184,773 has already exchanged hands early Monday.

AVEW Holdings Inc. (OTC Pink: AVEW) is rallying on strong volume today after management released news that the company will be expanding into the precious metals business. The company will continue to manage its other businesses, but expects to focus heavily on precious metals. AVEW Holdings Inc. will set up their precious metals exchange business in Cedar Park, Texas. Here is the press release detailing of the company’s new business focus:

AVEW Holdings Inc. Press Release:

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Aug 22, 2016) – AVEW Holdings Inc. ( OTC PINK : AVEW ) today announced that the company will aggressively reinstate its precious metal business model. The retail and corporate offices will be residing at 711 N Bell St, Cedar Park, Texas 78713. Cedar Park and its surrounding communities are part of the fastest growing areas in the state of Texas. The current specialty construction business model will remain, but the emphasis will be on the precious metal business. This decision was based on current economies and high industry demands in the precious metal markets.

The precious metal industry is on a very high demand and prices of precious metals are soaring at all levels. Industry sources indicate that between January 2, 2009 and December 31, 2012, the price of gold increased over 90%, while the price of silver increased over 160%. We are likely entering a new gold bull market, writes the World Gold Council (WGC). If so, it would be the first time since the previous one concluded in September 2011, when the metal reached its all-time high of $1,900 per ounce. Since 1970, we’ve seen five gold bull markets, each one lasting an average 63 months and returning an average 385 percent, according to the WGC.

AVEW will operate a retail precious metals exchange outlet in Cedar Park, Texas, with plans to expand with additional locations in the coming twelve months. Mr. Chavez commented on the transition, “I am very excited about this business and the high income potential it offers AVEW and share value for the AVEW stockholders. This gives us a huge opportunity to expand our model, with a twelve month goal of opening additional locations.”

About AVEW Holdings Inc.

AVEW Holdings Inc is a collection of companies in different disciplines operating under a public held AVEW Holdings. This gives strength and integrity to each division to weather our recessions, downturns, etc. in the economy. The companies of AVEW combined have a wealth of knowledge and experience along with the opportunity to consult with one another to share ideas and get input from other divisions.

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