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Itronics is looking to capitalize on what the United States Geological Survey calls “one of the giant copper porphyry-related metal camps of the world”.  Tracking with this sentiment, Auric’s Fulstone claims are prospective for an epithermal gold/silver deposit, in addition to porphyry copper and porphyry molybdenum deposits, and strata bound silver, zinc, and lead.  To that end, advanced stage exploration has been performed at Auric’s Fulstone property which has returned strong uncharacteristic metal values, confirming unusually high concentrations of gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, molybdenum, and iron.  The system was identified by field observation and work, including fault mapping, geochemistry, and geophysics.  

The Elephant in the Room

The Auric-Fulstone Project has the potential to be a major Nevada epithermal gold system combined with an “elephant” size Yerington District copper system.  “Elephant” size deposits in this district would represent 500,000,000 tons of resource, and would generate a mine life 50 years or longer.  In combination with the gold and copper possibilities, geochemical tests confirm the presence of silver, zinc, lead, molybdenum, and iron, making Fulstone a true, strategic ‘7-metal’ polymetallic mining project. 

Key Features of the Auric-Fulstone Project:

  • Auric is a partially owned subsidiary of Itronics
  • Auric currently controls 2800 acres of BLM claims
  • Auric is the only true ‘Polymetallic’ in the Yerington copper district 
  • Auric has identified a Nevada typical tertiary epithermal gold system target
  • Auric’ personnel have extensive development and operational experience
  • Auric’s Fulstone land package is proving to be a polymetallic exploration target
  • Auric-Fulstone project has the potential to be a major Nevada epithermal gold system
  • 18,000+ feet of positive indicators have been accumulated using IP/Resistivity data acquisition
  • Property strategically located within 15 miles of the Itronics Cleantech Materials Campus
  • Property is situated at the intersection of two major faulting systems, both prolific producers
  • Property is adjacent to Hudbay Minerals (NYSE: HBM); producer of gold, silver, copper and, zinc
  • Itronics’ ‘Rock Kleen’ Technology may be applicable to reprocess tailings, extract residual metals

Polymetallic Gold Mining Companies

The mining companies below are similar to the Auric-Fulstone Project in terms of their polymetallic properties; these can serve as examples of what Auric-Fulstone can become;

  • Centerra Gold (OTC: CAGDF) Gold, Copper
  • Coeur Mining (NYSE: CDE) – Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead
  • Hecla Mining (NYSE: HL) – Gold, Silver Copper, Zinc, Lead
  • Hudbay Minerals (NYSE: HBM) – Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc

Experience-driven Management

Auric’s personnel have extensive experience exploring the Walker Lane region, especially in western Nevada, including the acquisition, and advancement of the Borealis Mine by Dr. John Whitney, president of Whitney & Whitney Inc., a mining technical services firm and Itronics subsidiary. 

Key management is below: 

John W. Whitney                                                                                           

Dr. John Whitney, President, CEO and Director at Itronics, worked with the Northern Alaska Native Association for 14 years in the development of the Red Dog zinc mine, the largest zinc mine in the world.  Dr. Whitney was also involved in the initial discovery, development, and start-up.  He was also instrumental in the acquisition and advancement of the Borealis Mine. In his past career, he held the position of Geophysicist at CGG Ground Geophysics (Australia) Pty Ltd. and Geologist at The Humble Oil & Refining Co. He received a doctorate from The Pennsylvania State University and a graduate degree and an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska. He also founded Whitney & Whitney Inc., a mining technical services firm, in 1977.

John L. Key

John Key is currently President and Chief Operational Officer at Auric Gold and Minerals, Inc. In his past career Mr. Key was an operational General Manager for Teck Cominco for 20 years.  Mr. Key was manager of the Red Dog zinc operation for 6 years and oversaw a $300 million expansion that doubled the output of the Red Dog operations.  Mr. Key was President and CEO of Gryphon Gold and oversaw the restart of the Borealis gold mine in 2011.

A Match Made in Reno, NV.

Auric Gold and Minerals represents more than just a traditional mining enterprise; Auric represents a strategic and complimentary project for Itronics. What makes this opportunity unique and timely is that Itronics has several decades of collective (and extensive) mining development and operational experience, coupled with proven Cleantech methods that completely eliminates waste during the various mining stages.  

Itronics has both the technology and expertise to change how mining operations are conceived of and undertaken. No longer are we forced to accept the old standard of the ‘Extraction-to-Tailings’ problem, where tailings and tailings dams become environmental scourges. Itronics breakthrough ‘Rock Kleen’ Technology reprocesses seemingly ‘spent tailings’ and extracts residual metals and minerals, potentially resulting in 100% use of the resource; this is a potential game changer.

Also of strategic importance is the Itronics Cleantech Materials Campus.  This Campus is slated to be used to support development of the Auric-Fulstone project, as well as serve as the main manufacturing facilities for the Company’s nutrient fertilizers, e-scrap refining, mineral cleaning, and multiple metallurgical business lines. 

Clean and Green

Auric is positioned to capitalize on Itronics Zero Waste Energy Saving Technologies, which will be instrumental in the design and development of any project at Fulstone (or essentially any mine).  Itronics ‘Green Mining’ philosophy targets 100% beneficial use of a given resource, while at the same time, minimizing energy consumption and improving the environment. 

Itronics and Auric are positioned to answer the call of environmentally conscious investment funds and individual investors who demand a more thoughtful approach to metal and mineral extraction and recovery. Itronics believes that its approach to green mining will benefit shareholders and stakeholders alike, not only in terms of a clean approach, but also a profitable one.

SourcesMutschler, F.E. & Ludington, Steve & Bookstrom, Arthur. (2001). Giant porphyry-related metal camps of the world—a database.

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