Shares of home health nursing, rehab, and personal care services provider, American Transportation Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: ATHI) sky-rocketed 290% in the early hours of trading on Friday, July 15, 2016. The stock normally sees very little average daily volume of around 850 shares, over the past month. However, nearly 27,650 shares or dollar volume of around $96,500 has already exchanged hands through early trading session on Friday, July 15, 2016.

The big news was announced yesterday, July 14, 2016, when The National Indoor Football League and American Transportation Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: ATHI) agreed to a takeover in order to assist the NIFL in preparing for the 2018 inaugural season. Here is press release detailing of takeover:


The National Indoor Football League (“NIFL”) purchased American Transportation Holdings, Inc. (“ATHI”) to be its first football team located in Dallas, Texas. ATHI was purchased because ATHI has generated an app that is capable of providing an interactive gaming experience for NIFL fans. NIFL just announced plans for television in the upcoming Inaugural Season of 2018. As the league has reviewed the various options available for television and the factors affecting viewership of games, NIFL has decided to pursue the course of action that will allow the largest number of viewers to see the games.

There are many options and opportunities available for television and many have been reviewed to insure that NIFL takes advantage of the most profitable format for television. The terrain for televising games has changed considerably in the last few years with the advent of the Internet, IP televised media, social media, and satellite television as well as cable networks and the networks. NIFL has spoken with SPIKE TV, DISH Network, and ABC television. There were very positive responses and great interests on the opportunity to air the NIFL games. Throughout those discussions, the predominating factor seemed to be the audiences that each group reaches and the exposure the NIFL will receive when airing the games on each level of media offered.

League President, Carolyn Shiver, has determined that the league will pursue the path most troden to gain exposure for the league and the teams. That path will be to use multiple media sources to air the games depending on which media source will yeild the most exposure for that particular game. In other words, NIFL will air some games on Cable networks, some on big networks, and some games will air on local channels in or near their community. However, all games will be avialable on the new NIFL App coming soon. The games will also air live on IP television. These two new mediums, mobile Apps and IP television will give NIFL a huge jump into the sports market world. NIFL feels like many sports leagues today, that an exclusive contract to air games will give the league limited exposure in the midst of unlimited opportunities. The communication world grows larger and reaches thousands more people everyday.

NIFL is currently finalizing commitments from various media sources including, FTA, DISH Network, and Mobile Apps to reach over 30,000,000 homes in the US. By the time the league has finished the televised game schedule, there will be over 200,000,000 people. All parties interested in airing NIFL games should contact, for additional informtion.. Please visit the website, .

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