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Although it’s now a popularly known form of currency, there is still a lot of stuff about Bitcoin that the common public doesn’t know. Here are 10 interesting facts:

1)    The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) owns a lot of Bitcoin. It is estimated that the FBI now controls or owns 1.5% of all Bitcoin in circulation, according to <a href=””>BitcoinPlay</a>. Considering the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, it is that possible many other government organizations own large amounts of Bitcoin. It was recently reported that China’s security apparatus also owns an undisclosed, substantial amount of Bitcoin, as well.

2)    Belgium, Finland & Switzerland have all exempt Bitcoin from their national sales tax. This means, you don’t have to pay VAT if you are transacting Bitcoin. A few other countries are also toying with similar ideas, but have not announced final decisions in regards to taxing the Crypto-currency.

3)    The micro-nation Liberland, who claims a small disputed sliver of land between Croatia and Serbia, now uses and accepts Bitcoin as their reserve currency. Furthermore, Liberland citizenship can be obtained with Bitcoin, and it’s actually preferred to their fiat currency.

4)    By August 2017, there will be an estimated 1402 ATM’s worldwide that accept Bitcoin passwords and dispense cash. Though 75% of these Bitcoin ATM’s are in America, the remaining 25% can be found in over 50 countries worldwide. “Genesis Coin” has the largest percentage of these ATM’s, with nearly 700 in operation. The company “General Bytes” has a market share of approximately 19.74%, or 280 ATM’s, in their network.

5)    Japan, the birthplace of Bitcoin, has accepted it as a legal payment method as of April 1st 2017. It is estimated that Bitcoin will be accepted in over 300,000 stores nation-wide by the end of 2017.

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6)    Japanese Yen account for 42% of all Bitcoin purchases. This means, the Japanese are buying the cryptocurrency in droves. That’s nearly half of all Bitcoin purchases in 2017.  This number is expected to rise even further, as increasingly more stores and retailers begin to accept Bitcoin.

7)    Virgin Galactic, the space travel company owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, now accepts Bitcoin. For those would-be astronauts looking to go to space in the near future with the Virgin Galactic shuttles, you can now book your seats with the cryptocurrency. Though there is no finalized date for the official space-tour service launch, a huge waiting list has already accumulated, with many choosing to pay with Bitcoin.

8)    Huge farming operations have risen in recent years to “mine” or “farm” Bitcoin. The majority of these farms are in China, with the biggest “ant farm” mining, or creating, nearly 20% of all new Bitcoin that came into circulation between 2016 and 2017.

9)    The Bitcoin network itself is more powerful than 500 supercomputers put together.

10) Bitcoin is illegal in a few different countries including, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Bangladesh. Thailand also banned it in 2013. But in 2016, their central bank stated it is not necessarily illegal, creating a grey area that has still not been fully clarified.