PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — WorldFlix, Inc., (OTC: WRFX), is pleased to announce that the Company will next week be launching the pilot test phase of SWANTRY, the Company’s first innovative, ultra-secure, enhanced encryption, mobile security app for parents and children.

Swantry Curfew View
Swantry Curfew View

Swantry was developed in response to the dangers children face in today’s world.  This disruptive technology is going to be a “Must Have” for all concerned parents and monitors throughout the world.

Swantry is a “Launcher”, which means, it takes over the phone and all other apps and software that control location, data transfer and communication, are forced to run through it.

For the first time ever, parents will have TOTAL CONTROL over what is downloaded, shared, browsed, tracked, or mapped on their child’s phone. If the child attempts to uninstall Swantry, the parent or monitor will be immediately notified and have the ability to lock the child’s phone while still being able to monitor location and other data from the phone.

Swantry Brochure
Swantry Brochure Kids

Next week marks the official launch of our “Pilot Test Phase”.  This will enable us to prepare for beta testing, using a control group of our target demographics, “Parents with kids who want to be independent on their smartphones.” This Milestone will enable us to gauge the market, prepare for beta testing, and ultimately full deployment of the Swantry Software.

The Pilot testing phase will enable the Company to identify potential issues, prevent escalation, of those issues and accomplish several usability goals prior to product implementation.

Swantry is cutting-edge disruptive integrated software, outfitted with the latest in encryption technology designed to keep users and their data safe while maintaining ultimate privacy against potential cyber criminals at all times. The Company’s vision was to develop a solution that enables protective parents or monitors to create a safe online environment for their children with consideration for their social life. The application leverages an enhanced encryption system, using the latest current technology to keep children’s identities, pictures, videos and messages safe.

Swantry ensures that children communicate securely with select friends via text or video

Swantry Views
Swantry Views Nexus 6

and accesses apps all on a pre-approved basis, allowing the parent to restrict access if necessary. This technology puts parents back in the driver’s seat by enabling them to also track phone usage, the child’s location, monitor text messages for potentially harmful language and remotely lock down the child’s phone.  Additionally, Swantry will have a SOS button for physical danger.

Swantry – make the digital world safe for your children. Here are the key features Swantry will be testing:

  1. Installation
  2. Parent / Monitor Management console including “Child Daily Activities List”
  3. Manage a Parent / Monitor account
  4. Sub (Child) account creation
  5. Application restriction function “app access”.
  6. Access restriction function “Curfews”
  7. Geo-fencing functions (know children’s whereabouts and/or get notified when leaving designated area).
  8. Friend List “Friend list control”
  9. Chat options with high level security and military grade encryption a. Text Chat (w/security) b. Video Chat (w/ security)
  10. Remote lock function
  11. Child console
  12. Emergency “SOS” feature.

    Swantry Parents Geotagging View
    Swantry Parents Geotagging View

About WorldFlix, Inc.: WorldFlix, Inc. is newly emerging as a holding company targeting the acquisition of undervalued, niche companies with high growth potential, income-producing venture/acquisitions and high return investments all designed to pay a dividend to our shareholders.

 App Farm’s (WRFX) ultimate goal is to trade successfully on the public markets as a recognized name in the app software and now, the gaming industry. The company believes that through their celebrity relationships and entertainment contacts (WEM – WorldFlix Entertainment Management), they can create and promote apps for a wider, more successful reach.

Swantry Mockup
Swantry Mockup Google Nexus 6

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