Computer central processor units (CPU’s) are now fast enough that machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a regular part of everyday life. The recent surge in artificial intelligence application has provided us with a small glimpse of the next-generation technology that can help assist with even greater efficiency, connectivity, and productivity.

“The World’s first trillionaire will be an artificial intelligence entrepreneur” – Mark Cuban

Machine learning allows machines to learn and adapt quickly to perform required tasks. A very popular example is Alphabet, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)’s Nest thermostat, which learns and adapts to your temperature habits. The programmable thermostat can lower and raise the temperature, and even watch how much energy it’s consuming. Consumer electronics and gadgets are just the beginning of this blossoming new industry.

According to Grand View Research, the global artificial intelligence market is forecast to grow from $641.9 million in 2016 to $35.87 billion in 2025. This represents a skyrocketing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57.20% between 2017 and 2025.

Source: Grand View Research 1

We are witnessing the arrival of the next generation technology, which will augment smartphones and tablets with more sophisticated artificial intelligence-powered devices. Even services, social media, digital platforms, etc. will be empowered with machine learning and artificial intelligence. As society prepares for the mass arrival of next-generation technology, Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) stands to be one of the early innovators in artificial intelligence-powered social media.

Overview: Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI)

Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI), formerly known as Gold Mining USA, Inc., operates as a mobile applications company that primarily focuses on digital imaging and technology. The company is currently in the process of officially changing its name, which should take another two weeks before being approved. The company is currently preparing to launch its first app, VITA, in late 2017 and will be available on iOS and Android.

The VITA app is a platform that allows users to easily take pictures and videos that “illustrate, record and share life’s events, creating an immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life.” The goal is to allow users to experience events, places, landmarks, and more, from the perspective of the people that are attending or physically there.

For example, let’s say someone has always wanted to visit Warren Buffett’s famed annual Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (NYSE: BRK.B) shareholders meeting, but are unable. VITA users will experience attending the event through the perspective of other VITA users who were at the event, through media created, captured, and posted to that particular geo-location through the VITA app.

Of the gratuitous amounts of photos taken by social media users and others on a daily basis, an estimated 98% of photos do not get shared due to social media pressures needing to get that “perfect shot” to generate “likes,” “shares,” and more “followers.” VITA changes that paradigm in a largely anonymous way. VITA takes all the content created at any event into the VITA cloud where it can be organized and found on a familiar and simple to use map of events. Events are named and marked with emojis making it easy for any VITA visitor to enjoy 100% of the content.

In the near future, VITA’s artificial intelligence algorithms will utilize all pictures and videos regardless of quality, to put the pieces together, creating a virtual reality experience for other VITA users. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can simply strip out the people, use the background and all the other data points that creates a panorama of each event. It could also strip out the background and feature the people, or take the stripped out people and put them in panoramas as if the people were there.  This generates a festinating all new machine-generated content from the elements of people-generated content.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Instagram, Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR), Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP), Alphabet, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), and Verizon Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: VZ) have developed revenue models generating over $100 billion dollars a year with only the 2% of captured and shared content. With the VITA paradigm shift in crowd sourced previously untapped content, Vita will generate not only more traditional revenue opportunities with picture and video page views, but also will harken in the hot new and more profitable hyper-local online 2-D and 3-D augmented reality advertising.

VITA App: A Truly Open Version of Snap Maps

Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) recently launched the Snap Maps feature, which allows users to share specific location-based information and data. The app is designed to help other Snap users and friends meet up in real life rather than only on their phones.

The new VITA app is being described as a truly open network version of Snap Maps that will let you go beyond just your closed network of SnapChat followers, immediate surrounding and location. Instead, VITA will allow users in other locations to search around the world to see what is happening in other locations based on other user’s pictures and videos generated in that area. While the Snap Maps may be interesting for use among close friends, the VITA app is about using visual content to enlighten the entire public around the world.  While SnapChat is rightfully attempting to expand to location based updates, SnapMaps alienates the youthful core users (13-30) and the founding ideals that SnapChat was started with: Sharing short clips with a selective small group of friends that aren’t saved and expire after a short amount of time.  The VITA content stays available to be seen over and over by new visitors and will appeal to all ages and all interest groups.   However, VITA does share Snaps’ fun, simple, and free nature of the app.

The VITA app will feature an interactive community with user generated content and updates similar to the environment found in the Waze navigation app. As an example, users can warn others of a car accident, incident, traffic, and more. The Waze interactive environment encourages users to selflessly share knowledge of their surroundings. VITA will do the same, but will take it to the next level. VITA users can post and make incident notifications similar to Waze, but can supplement it with first person visual accounts of the events that happened.  VITA’s broad focus spans to visually illustrate any event, landmark, location, etc.

GMUI: Financial and Industry Analysis

Turning to financials, Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) has a pre-launch market cap of $464,000, as of September 2017. Furthermore, the company has a share structure consisting of 3 billion shares authorized, 932.52 million shares outstanding, and a float consisting of 79.47 million shares, as of August 2017. Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) is pre-revenue while completing development, it is currently sitting on assets totaling $11.99 million.

The revolutionary VITA app will be a disruptive generator of online advertising opportunities while still being supportive of users of all the exisiting social media platforms that utilizes machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. This enables users to experience events and places around the world, in an open environment, like never before. While the VITA app is due out in late 2017, management’s main focus over the next year will be user adoption and building the brand. Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) stands to be a leader in the next generation of online advertising and social media.

Here are five other companies that operate similar technologies or businesses as Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI), which could help provide a path to fair valuation of the company:

Freeze Tag, Inc. (OTC Pink: FRZT) is a developer of mobile social games. The company’s flagship game, Garfield Go, utilizes augmented reality to create an interactive gameplay for users. The mobile game creator has a market cap value of $913,872, as of September 2017. Furthermore, the company has a share structure consisting of 2 billion authorized shares and 1.14 billion shares outstanding. During the second quarter, Freeze Tag, Inc. reported total revenue of $4,000 and a net loss of $3.5 million.

Breaking Data Corporation (OTCQB: BKDCF) is engaged as a Canadian-based provider of semantic search, machine learning, and natural language processing (“NLP”) technology solutions. As of September 2017, the technology solutions provider has a market cap value of $33.75 million. Furthermore, the company maintains a share structure consisting of unlimited authorized shares and 27.53 million shares outstanding. During the second quarter 2017, Breaking Data Corporation reported total revenue of $1.52 million and a net loss of $1.69 million.

Fanuc Corporation (OTC Pink: FANUY) is a Japanese manufacturer of factory automation systems and robotics. Part of the company’s specialty lies within the machine learning technology, which allows factory robots to learn new tasks and jobs overnight. As of September 2017, the Japanese robotics company maintains a market value of $40.38 billion and an outstanding share count of 2.04 billion. During the second quarter, Fanuc Corporation reported total revenue of $168.49 billion and net income of just over $40 billion.

Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) classifies themselves as a camera company, which offers applications that allow users to communicate through short video clips and images. The company attracts the 18-24 year age group with the majority of users under 35. User-generated content is not saved for long term use and analysis. As of September 2017, the camera-based social media company maintains a share structure consisting of 811.12 million shares outstanding, and a float consisting of 314.91 million shares. Furthermore, the company’s market cap stands at $17.62 billion. During the second quarter 2017, Snap, Inc. reported total revenue of $181.67 million and a net loss of $443.09 million.

Alphabet, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) is the parent holding company of all the Google companies ranging from Search, Ads, YouTube and Android to CapitalG, Nest, Google Fiber, Waymo, Access, and more. Among the vast number of companies and assets is the Waze navigation app, which Google purchased back in 2013 for $1.3 billion based on approximately 35 million active users. Waze’s interactive and collaborative navigation app essentially combines traditional mapping and social media. For example, Waze users can report an accident along a Maple Street on the app, which will notify other Waze app users located within the immediate area. This collaborative and innovative technology is one of the closest examples to how Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI)’s next-generation social media platform will operate. Alphabet, Inc. has a market cap of $643.18 billion and maintains a share structure consisting of 346.97 million shares outstanding and a float consisting of 300.93 million shares, as of September 2017. During the second quarter 2017, Alphatbet, Inc. reported total revenue of $26.01 billion and net income of $3.52 billion.

Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) is on the verge of launching one of the most expansive next-generation social media platforms on the market. No other app on the market can allow you to combine the powerful features of Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Waze, and Snap Maps altogether. As more updates come in over the coming weeks, investors will gain further insight into the potential that the VITA app and artificial intelligence can deliver.

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