TUSTIN, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 17, 2017) – Premier Holding Corporation (OTCQB: PRHL), announces that its Board Member Dr. Woodrow (Woody) W. Clark II, MA3, PhD, a Qualitative Economist and Managing Director of Clark Strategy Partners, was re-appointed last November to the German-supported United Nations B20 Financial Growth and Infrastructure Task Force for 2017. His expertise on where sustainability technologies and strategies meets financial considerations is invaluable to the Task Force. Further details on the UN G20 can be found at:

Dr. Clark was also appointed in July 2016 to be on the Editorial Board of the Mandarin Language Energy Review Journal (EJR). He continues to work with both academic and business groups in China.

Clark’s article this month in ERJ concerns the technologies and systems for on-site power and “green development” of energy technologies that are good for the environment, reduce climate change, and meet or exceed the results of the UN G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, China (September 2016) that called for “green development” around the world; and the need for “action and not more talk”. Clark was there for that Summit as a member of the UNB20 Finance Task Force supported by PRHL. As Clark puts it, “PRHL is an example, and now increasingly in China, of a company that embraces and furthers ‘green development’ which is a key outcome of the G20”. Further information on the B20 meeting and outcome from it meeting in September 2016 can be found at:

Premier is honored to have such an international expert serving on its board. President and CEO Randall Letcavage said: “I have worked with Woody for over 4 years now and he has always been ahead of his time. The strategies and technologies he introduced to us four years ago are now coming to fruition and thanks to him, PRHL is poised to do many wonderful things here in the US, China and internationally. We are grateful for Woody’s contribution to PRHL’s future success.”

About Woodrow W. Clark II
PRHL Board Member “Woody” Clark is an internationally recognized and respected expert, author, lecturer, public speaker and consultant on global and local solutions to climate change. His core advocacy is in the economics for smart green communities. During the 1990s, he was Manager of Strategic Planning for Technology Transfer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) with the University of California and the U.S. Department of Energy. While at LLNL, he served as one of the contributing scientists and experts for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He chaired the first Research Team for the UN FCCC.

In 2004, Clark founded, and manages, Clark Strategic Partners (CSP), a global environmental and renewable energy consulting firm using his political-economic expertise to guide, advise and implement public and private projects advancing sustainable, smart green communities as well as colleges, universities, shopping malls, office buildings and film studios. In 2015-2016, Clark is teaching courses at University of International Relations UIR) in Beijing. In 2012-15, Clark was Renewable Energy, Emerging Technologies & Finance Advisor to California Governor Gray Davis from 2000-2003.

Clark has published eleven books and over 70 peer-reviewed articles, which reflect his concern for global sustainable communities. Recent authored and edited books are The Next Economics (Springer, 2012) and Global Sustainable Communities Handbook (Elsevier, 2014). In addition, his latest coauthored books, with Grant Cooke, are The Green Industrial Revolution (Elsevier, 2014), China’s Green Industrial Revolution (in Mandarin, 2015) and Smart Green Cities (Routledge, February 2016). He is currently updated his first book, Agile Energy Systems for Elsevier Press published in early 2017.

In 2014, building on his mass media background (Clark Communications, 1980s), he founded Clark Mass Media Company (CM2C), which specializes in documentary, education and dramatic series on environmental, economic, political and global climate change social issues. Clark earned three master separate degrees from different universities in Illinois and his Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley in Northern California. His PhD Thesis then (1970s) was on Violence in Public Schools which will now be updated as a book published in late 2017 by NOVA Press.

About UN B20
The UN B20 is an integral part of the UN G20 process, representing the entire G20 business community. The mission of the B20 is to support the G20 through consolidated representation of interests, concrete policy proposals, and expertise. Furthermore, the B20 promotes dialogue among policymakers, civil society, and businesses around the world.

In the B20, business representatives from the entire G20 develop joint recommendations and advocate specific policy actions across the entire G20 agenda. In addition, the B20 organizes a number of events and provides a platform for exchanges with governments and other stakeholders of the G20 process. Like the G20, the B20 is a perennial process with working activities and events during the entire year.

About Premier Holding Corporation
Under the corporate motto, “Everything Energy”, Premier is focused on acquiring and integrating energy companies as synergistic subsidiaries. The Company accumulates residential and commercial clients in deregulated markets from all subsidiaries and cross sells energy and energy efficiency products and services including LED lighting, energy management systems, smart home technology, and more, maximizing profit potential and minimizing cost of client procurement (www.E3EnergyExperts.com). In addition, Premier Holding provides top line management and financial support, which includes access to capital, financing, legal, insurance, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and management strategies. Additional integrated business offerings include direct energy services as power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy financing and leasing of generation programs in urban and rural real estate environments, lighting efficiency systems and refrigeration systems. For more information, visit PRHL Investors Relations www.prhlcorp.com.

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