Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (OTCQB: MEEC) is engaged in environmental emission capture services. Using its proprietary mercury-capture technology, coal-powered power plants are able see reduce their emission output. Shares of Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. are rallying 10.30% during afternoon trading on Wednesday, September 14, 2016. The environment company has seen average daily volume of 80,200, over the past three months. However, nearly 91,350 shares or dollar volume of $157,122, has already exchanged hands through trading Wednesday.

Shares of Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. are rallying during today’s trading after news was released, announcing the company had secured a multi-year contract with an electric utility company. The contract will use Midwest Energy Emissions’ new proprietary technology, Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEA), which is a higher sulfur-tolerant product. Here is the press release detailing of the new contract:

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. Press Release:

LEWIS CENTER, OH–(Marketwired – September 14, 2016) – Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) (“ME2C” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in mercury emissions control in North America, has secured a three-year contract with an electric utility. The utility has contracted for the latest commercialized product for ME2C’s proprietary Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEA™) Technology.

This new “high sulfur-tolerant product” has been tested at numerous plants and now implemented on a large utility boiler that uses sulfur injected compounds to improve performance of the particulate control device, or electrostatic precipitator. This new product is part of the Company’s SEA technology system, which is currently installed and designed for continued operation over a 20+ year period.

John Pavlish, Chief Technology Officer of ME2C, stated: “The development of new products and techniques is what continues to position our company as the leading technology firm in the mercury control industry. This product, along with others that are currently in development, are fueling our growth and competitive advantage.”

“We expect that a number of additional prospective clients will benefit from replacing their present sorbent with our newly commercialized technology,” said Richard MacPherson, President and CEO of ME2C. “Our value proposition continues to expand as we introduce new solutions to the mercury control market to help customers overcome challenging operational or equipment limitation conditions at the plant level. We look forward to adding this technology to our toolset as we pursue the most robust pipeline of potential customers in the Company’s history.”

About Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (ME2C)

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) delivers patented and proprietary solutions to the global coal-power industry to remove mercury from power plant emissions, providing performance guarantees, and leading-edge emissions services. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) MATS rule, which has been subject to legal challenges, requires that all coal- and oil-fired power plants in the U.S., larger than 25 mega-watts, must remove roughly 90% of mercury from their emissions starting April 15, 2015. ME2C has developed patented technology and proprietary products that have been shown to achieve mercury removal levels compliant with MATS at a significantly lower cost and with less operational impact than currently used methods, while preserving the marketability of fly-ash for beneficial use. For more information, please visit www.midwestemissions.com.

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