International Endeavors Corporation focuses on the location and acquisition of income producing properties in Temecula, California’s wine country. The Company develops and leases land for recreational vehicle use, acquisition of land and vineyards for vineyard development, production of grapes for wine, and private labeling of wine for wine distribution.

Average daily volume to OTC Pink: IDVV is right around 100 thousand shares. Today’s announcement has caused the stock to trade in excess of 1.2 million shares to a 52 week high of $0.117 per share.

International Endeavors Corp. Press Release:

TEMECULA, Calif., June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Plans are underway for International Endeavors Corporation (IDVV) to open a showroom in Las Vegas to demonstrate the Off Grid Grow Laboratory (OGGL). A new prototype is being designed specifically for this purpose. Each OGGL can grow up to 100 marijuana plants at a time, making it one of the most efficient designs for a container grow room.

The OGGL is unique in its ability to operate in locations that have extreme temperatures due to it sophisticated use of insulation and its powerful climate-control system. The OGGL works just as well in the soaring heat of the desert of Las Vegas as it does in the freezing temperatures found in Canada. Growers enjoy the flexibility of placing an OGGL anywhere they want and that the entire system can be monitored remotely using a smartphone.

The cost of electricity is one of the main expenses for any growing operation. The OGGL is solar powered to reduce this expense to zero. This means the equipment reaches breakeven profitability much sooner and thereafter the income produced from a harvest is almost pure profits (less the cost of any labor for operations).

Marketing Director for International Endeavors Corporation, William Vinson, said, “Having an OGGL in Las Vegas will make it convenient for potential customers to see a unit in operation and learn more about the equipment by visiting the Vegas showroom in person. The OGGL is the first growing laboratory of its kind in the world to fully incorporate solar-power in its turnkey, ready-to-grow design.”

About the OGGL: The OGGL is the first purpose-built, self-contained, off-grid growing laboratory. Built in a low-cost shipping container, the OGGL has integrated solar modules and lithium-phosphate batteries coupled with a generator backup to supply uninterrupted power to the grow room. The OGGL has been configured for the three stages of the growing process, which are: vegetative, flowering, and cloning.

Off Grid Grow Lab Demo

About International Endeavors Corporation (OTC stock symbol:IDVV)
International Endeavors Corporation focuses on building intellectual property and making equipment sales in the Medical Marijuana and Legal Cannabis Industry through the creation of off-grid grow labs, biomedical devices, clean-energy solutions, and patented devices. The company is also engaged in locating and acquiring established companies, brands, and technologies. The company’s real estate portfolio includes commercial property, agricultural land, and buildings.

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William Vinson, Marketing Director
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Phone: 1-951-296-1024
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