Two Stocks to own Post Election, Silicom, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC) &Acorn Energy (NASDAQ: ACFN)

Two Stocks to Own Post Election

Two Stocks to own Post Election, Silicom, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC) &Acorn Energy (NASDAQ: ACFN)

Two Stocks to own Post Election, Silicom, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC) &Acorn Energy (NASDAQ: ACFN)

The Election Has Had a Significant Effect on the Market – Following Are Your Best Bets for Safe and Profitable Returns

The much awaited presidential elections were not only significant when it comes to the future of America, but also pivotal in gauging the situation of the economy and the market. The stock market had been widely divided into two separate sectors termed as the “Obama Stocks” and “Romney Stocks.” Analysts all over the country were speculating on the outcome of the elections and how will it affect the standing of both established giants and emerging growth companies alike.

The return of Obama to the White House has had a strong impact on the situation of the market, with the prices of his favored stocks acing upwards and the market stabilizing to a large extent. Several emerging growth companies have benefitted immensely from this situation and the time is ripe for a smart and profitable investment in their stocks.

Analysts have deemed that Obama’s win in the election will contribute towards an upsurge in the value of stocks that lie in the hospitals, firearms, construction and green energy sector. The technological sector will also stay in the safe zone, making it an ideal choice for investors who are looking for a secure haven for their money.

Following are two promising emerging growth companies that can help investors do well in near future:

The technological market has had a modest year with many highs and lows down the line. Currently, the up haul of networking solutions and the need for a dedicated data infrastructure has placed many tech giants in the forefront. Though industry bigwigs like RiT Tech (NASDAQ: RITT) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) have received lukewarm responses, it is the rise of the emerging companies in this sector that has spiked up the interests of various analysts.

Silicom, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC) in particular, recently announced their third quarter with details of their solid profits and maximum returns. The increased figures of income annually and the decent reputation for its innovative ideas have kept the value of the stock stable both before and after the elections. Thus, Silicom is touted to be a secure and profitable investment opportunity.

Though the market has dipped slightly for energy companies post the hurricane Sandy and in the defeat of strong contender Romney, digital energy forerunner Acorn Energy (NASDAQ: ACFN) has managed to keep its stock in a favorable position.

The emerging company put forward its results for the third quarter and nine months period, with promising figures and statistics that have won over the consent of several analysts. With $15.2 million revenue, the company managed to stay away from any debts and the return on their investments is looking stronger than ever. A strong position in finances, with $32 million cash equivalents on their balance sheet at year end, speaks of the company’s strong presence in the market and momentum in the coming months. The various subsidiaries of the company are also looking good in their respective areas, giving Acorn Energy group an edge for investment after the election. 


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