Encompass Compliance Corp. (OTC Pink: ENCC) is a provider of comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing services within the United States. Shares of the compliance company are down 22.22%, through early trading on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Over the past month, Encompass Compliance Corp. has seen average daily volume of 1.71 million shares. However, volume of 20.76 million shares or dollar volume of $159,852, has already exchanged hands on Wednesday.

Shares of Encompass Compliance Corp. are declining today, after the company announced it will allow channel partners to use its Risk Shield services as a white label service for their customers. Here is the full press release detailing of the white label service offering:

Encompass Compliance Corp. Press Release:

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –Encompass Compliance Corp. (OTC PINK: ENCC) has created a comprehensive partner program for Third Party Administrators (TPA’s), Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s), Service Providers, Device Manufacturers and Franchise Operations to provide compliance services, to their respective customers.

This program will allow channel partners to utilize the Risk Shield service as a ‘white label’ offering to their customers. Channel Partners will now be able to support their clients, create policies and procedures and provide real time alerts to reflect changes that impact customer policies and programs, in each state. “This is groundbreaking technology putting the power of our service in the hands of our partners, to better service their customers, generate new revenue for their respective companies, and allow them to remain the experts supporting the customers that hire them to run their drug testing programs,” says Richard Sharp, CEO of Encompass Compliance Corp.

“Keeping up with the laws and rules in the workplace that ADA, EEOC, OSHA and State mandatory programs impose on employers, is no longer possible for our partners. They need our Risk Shield Partner Program to maintain expertise and support their customers,” says Bill Judge, Co-founder and Chief Research Officer.

Encompass Compliance Corp. is the most comprehensive provider of workplace drug and alcohol testing compliance services in the U.S. They are dedicated to providing employers with the tools necessary to mitigate regulatory and compliance risk. The Risk Shield solution provides organizations with up to date policies, a comprehensive resource center and real-time monitoring for drug and alcohol testing orders to be instantly audited.

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