All Green on Wall Street Wednesday with the Dow Jones closing higher +0.27%, the NASDAQ closing higher +0.11% & the S&P 500 closing higher +0.09%.

Micro Caps were also mostly in the Green on Monday as Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals were in the spotlight. We had 7 of the 10 indices closing even or higher. The best performing was the OTCQX Canada closing up +0.36% and the worst performing was the OTCQX Banks closing down -0.22%.

Today’s Top OTC Winners:

Seaniemac International, Ltd.(OTC Pink: BETSD) +777.19%: with no news and about $159,621.00 in $ volume.

Elray Resources, Inc. (OTC Pink: ELRA) +300%: with no news.

AngioSoma, Inc. (OTC Pink: SOAN) +213.33%: on the nnouncement that the U.S. Patent Office has agreed to grant our patent application for their flagship pharmaceutical, Liprostin.

OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC Pink: OBMP) +150.00%: with no news.

Infrastructure Developments Corp. (OTC Pink: IDVC) +140.00%: with no news the company traded $286,000.00 in $ volume.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: CSRH) +78.95%: with no news.

Golden Matrix Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: GMGI) +75.00%: no news since the 4/30/18.

Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: EMIS) +45.93%: with no news this pharmaceutical company traded just under 2mm $ Volume today.

Today’s Top OTC Losers:

Groupe Athena Inc. (OTC Pink: GATA) -58.33%: with no news.

WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC Pink: WFRX) -32.77%: with no news.

Pacific Ventures Group Inc. (OTC Pink: PACV) -31.58%: with no news.

Two Hands Corp. (OTC Pink: TOWH) -27.52%: with no news.

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