All Green on Wall Street Wednesday with the Dow Jones closing up +0.75%, the NASDAQ closing up +1.00% & the S&P 500 closing up +0.97%.

Micro Caps were also all in the Green on Wednesday as all of the 10 indices closed higher. The best performing was the OTCQB Venture closing up +1.01% and the worst performing was the OTC ADR Index closing +0.13%.

Today’s Top OTC Winners:

  • USSE Corp.(OTC Pink: UCRP) +1,971.43%: with no news and about $48,000.00 in $ volume.
  • Nutranomics, Inc. (OTC Pink: NNRX) +500%: with no news and soared up +700% intraday.
  • Energy XXI Gulf Coast, Inc.(OTC Pink: EGXGW) +471.43%: on news that 3.6 billion in debt was eliminated from the company’s balance sheet.
  • Global Energy Networks Corp.(OTC Pink: GBNW) +405.56%: with no news and despite the caveat emptor symbol managed to trade about $34,590.00 in $ volume on the day.
  • American Power Group Corp.(OTC Pink: APGI) +141.38%: with no news the power company traded just under $102,000.00 in $ volume.
  • Mining Global, Inc.(OTC Pink: MNGG) +100%: with no news the mining company traded about $90,729.00 on the day.
  • Crednology Holding Corp.(OTC Pink: COHO) +75%: no news since the 5/1 CEO Letter to Shareholders.
  • Global Boatworks Hldgs Inc.(OTC Pink: GBBT) +66.67%: with no news.

Today’s Top OTC Losers:

  • Arizona Gold and Onyx Mining Co.(OTC Pink: VGCP) -60%: with no news.
  • Exxe Group Inc.(OTC Pink: AXXA) -57.21%: with no news traded $1.8 million on the day.
  • Supernova Energy, Inc.(OTC Pink: SPRN) -50.54%: with no news.
  •, Inc.(OTC Pink: RBDC) -50%: with no news.

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