Ehave, Inc. (OTCQB: EHVVF) is engaged within the treatment and support of mental health illnesses. Shares of the mental illness treatment company are jumping 28%, through early trading on Friday, November 10, 2017. Over the past month, Ehave, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 85,402 shares. However, volume of 700,425 shares or dollar volume of $112,068, has already exchanged hands on the day.

Shares of Ehave, Inc. are jumping today, after the company announced that it has integrated the Davidson Trauma Scale for PTSD patients within its Ehave Connect platform. The Davidson Trauma Scale is a self-rating measure of severity of symptoms. Here is the full press release detailing of the integration:

Ehave, Inc. Press Release:

TORONTO, Nov. 8, 2017 /CNW/ — Ehave, Inc. (OTCQB: EHVVF), a healthcare company dedicated to empowering the mental health community with next-generation digital solutions, today announced the integration of the Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS™), a self-rating for measuring the frequency and severity of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, into Ehave Connect, the cloud-based, digital informatics platform designed to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

The integration of Davidson Trauma Scale, created by Ehave’s partner Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS), represents an expansion of the third-party mental health tools and assessments to be offered digitally through Ehave Connect and will demonstrate the platform’s ability to rapidly integrate new partners into the platform. MHS is an international healthcare technology developer of scientifically validated psychological assessments whose Conners 3® and Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scales™ (CBRS®) suite of assessments for ADHD diagnosis are already being offered on Ehave Connect.

The DTS™ provides a quick and accurate measure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. It can be used to evaluate psychopathology in trauma victims, assess the effectiveness of treatment, and predict treatment success. This integration of the DTS™ into Ehave Connect will enable healthcare professionals to easily add new patients, register users, assign surveys via the cloud, seamlessly integrate patient data, and provide robust data analysis in addition to patient management.

“We will continue to integrate and validate MHS’s extensive offering of clinically validated mental health assessments. The integration of the DTS™ into Ehave Connect demonstrates momentum in this direction,” said Prateek Dwivedi, CEO of Ehave. “Ehave is committed to providing an all-inclusive selection of validated mental health assessment and remediation tools. The seamless delivery of MHS’s assessment tools coupled with our outcomes tracking is the perfect example of how we intend to streamline the mental healthcare experience, making the process simpler for both mental healthcare providers and patients.”

About Ehave, Inc.
Ehave, Inc. is empowering the mental healthcare community with a next-generation of data-rich tools designed to improve patient management, diagnosis and treatment. With Ehave Connect, Ehave’s mental health informatics platform, clinicians can make objective, data-driven decisions while keeping patients informed and engaged throughout their mental healthcare journey. Ehave Connect offers a powerful set of core features that integrate with a growing selection of tools and applications developed by Ehave and its leading partners, including Multi-Health Systems (“MHS”), a leading publisher of psychological assessments. Ehave is initially focused on improving the standard of care in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”), through its collaboration with the Hospital for Sick Children (“SickKids”). Ehave Connect is also being utilized to advance the validation and optimization of medical cannabis, through its collaboration with MedReleaf. For more information, visit

About Multi-Health Systems
A leading technology company focused on innovative digital delivery of data analysis and scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) serves clients in corporate, clinical, educational, public safety, government, military, pharmaceutical, and research settings. With offices in North America and partners around the world, MHS is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities through technology. MHS has developed leading products such as the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®), the Conners™ suite of ADHD assessments, and the Level of Service™ suite of assessments. MHS has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies since 2013. The best managed designation is a recognized symbol of excellence for Canadian businesses. Additionally, in 2016, MHS won Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures award in the Growth and Small Cap category.  For more information about MHS, please visit

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