Ecosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: ECEZ) works in the development, production, and marketing of environmental conservation products and services. Products and solutions help treat environmental pollution in the forms of wastewater, food, and sanitation. Shares of Ecosciences, Inc. are rallying nearly 18%, through afternoon trading on Friday, September 23, 2016. Over the past three months, the environmental services company has seen average daily volume of around 177,977 shares. However, over 12 million shares or dollar volume of $144,000, has already exchanged hands through afternoon trading Friday.

Shares of Ecosciences, Inc. are rallying Friday, after management released news detailing of the company’s Trap-Eze product and its potential in the Municipal grease trap market. Many cities, such as New York City, have certain laws and regulations with how fats, oils, and greases may be properly disposed of by restaurants, school kitchens, hotels, bars, and more. Ecosciences, Inc. believes their Trap-Eze product line could help for the proper handling of fats, oils, and grease. Here is the press release detailing of the Trap-Eze market potential:

Ecosciences, Inc. Press Release:

JERICHO, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 22, 2016) – Ecosciences, Inc. ( OTCQB : ECEZ ) (“Ecosciences” or the “Company“) today announced that it is implementing marketing programs for its Trap-Eze bioremediation products to food service establishments in response to the opportunities it sees created, in part, by various cities’ and municipalities’ regulation of grease trap usage.

Through its research, the Company sees that certain municipalities such as New York City have enacted regulations regarding the handling of fats, oils and grease (often referred to as “FOG”) in restaurants, hotel and school kitchens, hospitals, bars and other food service establishments.

Cities, such as New York, are dealing with problems resulting from FOG damaging their sewer systems by imposing fines for non-compliance. The following articles and excerpts describe various aspects of the FOG-related problems, including the fines that can be levied:

The Company sees a great opportunity to help food service establishments avoid fines by using the Company’s Trap-Eze product to aid in grease reduction.

Company management commented, “The Company is implementing Trap-Eze marketing programs specifically for the food establishment industry. We believe we can grow our sales while helping restaurant and other food establishments avoid additional costs from excessive grease build up. We look forward to executing these marketing programs and rolling them out through our distributors.”

About Trap-Eze

Trap-Eze tablets are the most effective, most innovative treatment for grease traps in all food service venues. Trap-Eze are solid, sustained release tablets which provide active oxygen, nutrients, buffers and safe ANAEROBIC and AEROBIC bacterial micro-organisms to help clean, deodorize and keep grease trap systems running efficiently with reduced downtime. These tablets allow food service operators to GO GREEN, SAVE money and PROTECT their business.

About Ecosciences, Inc.

Ecosciences, Inc. focuses on building, acquiring and investing in businesses around ecological and life sciences. From waste water remediation to healthcare and more, Ecosciences, Inc. is committed to building a better living environment for all people. The Company currently has one wholly-owned subsidiary, Eco-logical Concepts, Inc., which operates the Company’s core business of producing and selling bio-remediation products under the brands TRAP-EZE, SEPT-EZE, TANK-EZE and WASH-EZE.

For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at, the contents of which are not incorporated into this press release.

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