Bellatora, Inc. (OTC Pink: ECGR) is engaged within the research, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of vaping products and accessories. Shares of the vaping company are jumping 50%, through afternoon trading on Thursday, August 10, 2017. Over the past month, Bellatora, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 22,977 shares. However, volume of 130,958 shares or dollar volume of $23,572, has already exchanged hands on Thursday.

Shares of Bellatora, Inc. are gaining today, after the company announced it has released new product vaporizer called Vanquish. In addition, the company has launched a new lineup of new eLiquids and Hemp Plus oils. Here is the full press release detailing of the new product lines:

Bellatora, Inc. Press Release:

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Aug 7, 2017) – Bellatora Inc. (OTC: ECGR) is a U.S. based manufacturer, marketer and distributor of innovative vaporizer products and eLiquids for alternative tobacco and marijuana consumption.

Bellatora is proud to announce the release of Vanquish a superior vaporizer designed for multi-use with Bellatora’s new eLiquid line and Hemp Plus oils. The Vanquish offers a well designed flip top compartment, which when opened, reveals a sleek electronic cigarette along with two additional spare atomizers. These spare atomizers allow consumers to carry multiple eLiquid and/or Hemp Plus options. The consumers desire for a longer lasting power source is answered by including a power bank with a 900mAh battery that will keep Vanquish in standby mode for 30-45 days with a full charge.

We have launched our new eLiquid line with the delivery of Raspberry Lemonade and El Diablo, our delectable cinnamon flavored eLiquid. “Soon to follow will be an additional 12 eLiquids within the next two weeks focusing on robust and undeclared flavors from a selection of past time favorite flavor profiles” says Atom Miller.

We are excited about what the future holds for Bellatora INC. and for the benefits to humanity that we are focused on. Better experiences with better ingredients and educating our customers to make better and safer lifestyle choices will be of great focus.

Bellatora INC. Is developing nationwide strategies to enhance distributor relationships, starting with our relationship with DIY Flavor shack in Las Vegas where we have a size-able amount of product as well as beginning Research and Development for future technology releases. We look forward to immediate future growth followed by the delivery of our additional eLiquid flavors. We would like to thank those shareholders that see our vision and believe in our products. Thank you for choosing a top notch company with a passion for winning. We look forward to setting goals and defining change in an ever growing marketplace. Thank you for being the best part of what we do.

About Bellatora, Inc.

Established in 2014, Bellatora came into existence to fulfill the need for a simple, non-intrusive alternative to the often neglected and wonderful pastime of cigar smoking. Bellatora’s journey with the eCigar attributed to the desire to cross utilize and expand the brand to a robust product line. The company purpose is to raise the bar for the vaping experience by providing a well-designed alternative method to smoking.

Bellatora is a US public company, trading under the symbol ECGR (OTC: ECGR ). For additional information, please visit

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