American Green, Inc. (OTC Pink: ERBB) previously was involved in the marijuana business, but has since shifted the company’s focus to smart vending machine technology and solutions. Shares of American Green, Inc. were down as much as 17%, during afternoon trading on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Over the past three months, the smart vending technology company has seen average daily volume of around 66.5 million shares. However, nearly 119.42 million shares or dollar volume of $131,362, has already exchanged hands through afternoon trading Wednesday.

Shares of American Green, Inc. are losing ground Wednesday, after the company released an update on the corporate “reboot.” Management cites that the United States is the largest vending market in the world, yet there has been no push into smart technologies for vending options. Here is the full press release of American Green, Inc.’s corporate reboot:

American Green, Inc. Press Release:

TEMPE, AZ–(Marketwired – Oct 5, 2016) – American Green, Inc. ( OTC PINK : ERBB ) is pleased to announce that its “reboot” of the American Green Machine has garnered the attention of partners and participants whose experience, merit, and previous successes will greatly enhance the anticipated rollout of the American Green Machine (V.3). As many of our longer-term shareholders have already noted, the United States (the world’s largest vending market) has been slow to embrace “Smart” vending technology in all its forms. This hindered the company when it first introduced “smart” vending via the ZaZZZ machine but has enhanced American Green’s opportunities during this ‘market-acceptance lull’ in the US because the technology incorporated into these sophisticated vending platforms and applications has been constantly improving and increasingly reliable.

Under an exclusive license from Pan Pacific international (the division that was spun out by American Green as a dividend to its shareholders several years ago), ERBB now has secured innovative, protected process patents, high-end biometrics used by companies such as Diebold to secure safe deposit boxes, distribution partners including some with worldwide footprints, an aftermarket machine manufacturer who is well-known and capable, and a software partner whose products are used in 35 countries today.

“For a business to be successful, it must constantly adjust to market conditions…especially in newly emerging market segments such as ‘Verified Vending.’ Unlike other businesses, verified vending is not ‘settled science,'” said David Gwyther, chairman and acting president of American Green.

“We are now seeing the US market catch up with the rest of the world regarding our technology. I believe that Pan Pacific and American Green have made that wait come to an end… finally,” says Lindel Creed of VendWeb (, American Green’s machine engineering partner.

“We have worked hard and for many years to produce a truly effective and unique product in the smart vending market. There are many vending machines but very few that do what Vendron(tm) allows them to do. It has been embraced in many countries and the opportunity that American Green presents will allow us to go deeper into the US market,” added Yong Khun Loh of Silkron ( “Having a forward thinking partner that embraces what we’ve created and supports what we do is a win for both companies,” he concludes.

Anybody wishing to learn more about the American Green Machine is encouraged to contact the company. The company welcomes any input or positive information that could improve users of the American Green Machine platform.

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